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Trinov Lotion

Trinov Lotion Man is a lotion against hair loss, alopecia and thinning produced with the exclusive formula of Professor Brotzu.
Indeed, Trinov lotion has the exclusive formula of Professor Brotzu, the patented liposomal formula to combat hair loss in humans.

Trinov is a product able to offer a concrete solution, effective in a few months against the fall.
The formula of dr. Brotzu contained in Trinov Lotion Spray contains very effective active ingredients:
-DGLA (fatty acid precursor of prostaglandin E1), through vasodilation improves microcirculation and oxygenation of hair bulbs. It also stimulates the production of keratin.
-EQUOLO (derivative of isoflavones), counteracts the action of DHT, the metabolite of testosterone that causes hair loss of a common type, especially the male one. It prevents atrophy of hair follicles due to the transformation of testosterone into another.
-PROPIONIL L-CARNITINE, has an energizing action present in many hair preparations.
The effectiveness of Trinov lotion comes from a discovery made in the hospital by Professor Brotzu of the University of Cagliari years ago. While trying to reactivate the blood circulation of the limbs of diabetic patients with prostaglandins E1 it was noted that where this natural drug was used, the hairs had grown back, disappeared due to poor circulation. Of course the preparation was immediately tested against baldness, achieving excellent results. The process that led Fidia and Professor Brotzu’s patent to be approved by Trinov even in the youngest was longer to cure alopecia areata.

What is the difference between a lotion for men and women? Everything is in the concentration of Equol: in the woman there are 5.6 mg while in the man 11.2 mg.
We are not talking about approximate effects, but of results obtained from tests such as the phototrichogram, the “pull test” and “wash test”, as well as opinions of dermatologists and self-assessment tests that extend up to 90% of individuals the effectiveness of TRINOV ANTICADUTE LOTION.

Hair growth in anagen
Hair reduction in telogen

The treatment lasts 6 months: Fidia suggests to apply 1 ml of product per day to get stronger, healthy and voluminous hair and to contrast thinning, alopecia, consistent fall and baldness.

The man’s lotion differs from that woman in the content of equol:
-Man lotion: 11.2mg of S-Equolo
-Woman lotion: 5.6mg of S-Equolo

How to use:
Apply about 1ml of product daily to all areas prone to thinning and falling.
The 30ml pack is sufficient for one month of treatment.

Contains 30ml spray with 2 dispensers and dropper

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